The Coffee Struggle

I have had and am still having a coffee struggle. I know a lot of people go through these ups and downs with coffee as well. One minute you hear that it has antioxidants and you should have a cup or two a day, and the next you hear that coffee should be avoided. In my opinion, it should be avoided. When I drink coffee I enjoy it at the moment, but usually find myself feeling jittery and uncomfortable, and sometimes even a bit short of breath. I do have quite a sensitive body and this experience might not be the same for everyone. I know some people can have 5 cups a day and feel totally normal.

But have you actually tried quitting? Once you do, you will notice just how dependant your body has become to coffee, or rather – caffeine. I gave up soda years ago and that was actually pretty easy. Giving up coffee on the other hand, is still a struggle. When I first decided to quit, I experienced withdrawal symptoms like heavy headaches, moodiness and fatigue! It was very hard and not pleasant at all, especially when you have to be at work and on point! That was around 2 years ago. Today, I have made progress because I used to drink one or two cups a day and now it’s not a daily thing anymore, but I still haven’t reached my goal of cutting it out all together.

The first thing to do if you want to quit coffee is find out the facts. Knowing why you are quitting and how it will benefit you is what’s going to keep you going. According to Dr. Mercola, coffee is one of the most heavily researched commodities, and a lot of the research is conflicting. He does however state that it has been associated with stroke, rheumatoid arthritis, and can raise blood pressure. Coffee is not as bad as soda or fruit juice, but eliminating is recommended. You have to weigh your options , the pros and cons, and decide if it will better your daily life if you do give up coffee.

The second thing to do, is figure out what you are going to drink in the place of coffee. As something that is consumed usually every single day by those who drink it, quitting will be easier with a coffee substitute to fill in that gap. Some people might start drinking decaf everyday, which is exactly what I was doing. I later found out, decaf is probably worse than regular coffee!

The problem with Decaf:

Since coffee beans already have caffeine, companies use chemicals in order to remove the caffeine from the bean. So, if you are drinking decaf that means it went through even more processing than regular coffee. I know not all companies handle their products the same, but as for the big companies I do know that they are the ones that use chemical extraction, it is approved by the FDA to be safe and all that jazz but then again there are so many horrible things out there approved by the government. The bigger companies such as Nestle use the method involving Methylene Chloride which is also an ingredient found in paint remover and fire extinguishers. Yikes! The other problem with decaf is that it’s not caffeine free, there is usually 1-3 % caffeine in decaf.

So, here is what you can try:

Dandy Blend – This is a coffee substitute I have been using for a few years. It’s the closest tasting thing I have found to actual coffee and it can be used to make all the same drinks. The ingredients in Dandy Blend are extracts of roasted barley, rye, chicory root, dandelion root and sugar beet. So it’s all natural, and actually good for you! It’s also safe for pregnant or nursing women J You can order a big bag from Amazon.

Here is a Link:

There are other coffee substitutes to try as well such as Roostaroma and Genmaicha.

Whichever one you choose, it will definitely help you get past that coffee struggle and you’ll save money.

This picture shows Dandy Blend in 3 different ways:

Iced Latte, Warm cup of coffee, and Armenian style coffee