Try This: Organics Delivered Right to your Door!


Abundant Harvest:

Over a month ago, I signed up to a service offered in my area where I receive all organic produce every week, called Abundant Harvest Organics. The way it works, is I pay $25 for the week to get a small basket (they offer a large as well) of fresh, organic, and in season vegetables and fruits that come from local farms. They offer different add-ons on their website, we add-on eggs each week which are pasture raised and very delicious. With the add-on for eggs, and a $5 delivery charge since they deliver straight to my door our total is $36.

I believe this is my 6th delivery with them at this point, and so far I absolutely love it! This weekly delivery has made my life so much easier. In the short time I have been using their service, I have noticed many benefits. I buy only organic, so going to the store used to be either really expensive, or simply no options – which ends up making everything harder. With Abundant Harvest, I just pick up my delivery right at my front door, wash everything on the spot and store in my fridge until it’s time to eat. I don’t have to carry heavy grocery bags anymore, be lost in the grocery store, or create all this waste with the plastic packaging and bags that you just get rid of once you get home. It feels great knowing that I am creating less waste than I did about a month ago.

Once I get my delivery each Tuesday, I look at what I have and can pretty much plan the rest of my weeks dinners. Of course, I do still have to make a stop at the store here and there for things that didn’t come in my box that week that I might want to use for a recipe, but it makes shopping a quick in and out and much cheaper, and a less frequent trip. I would say I spend about $50 on things other than my box items for the week. So an average of around $80/week for groceries. I don’t know what other people spend, but I used to spend hundreds of dollars each week on all organic items at expensive grocery stores. This option is working much better for me. Their website is also easy to use and you can check what’s going to be in your box ahead of time so you know what to be prepared for, and you can add different things each week or remove them via the website as well.

If you have a service like this in your area (google it!), I strongly suggest you try it out. The best part is you will be supporting people in your community and LOCAL farmers!!!

This Week’s Box:


I can’t wait to get cooking with these lovely ingredients! 😀