Daily Prompt: Something So Strong

My best friend and I met in high school, we had a class together and she was just very friendly so we became great friends. At some point a few years later, we parted ways and eventually got back in touch when we were about 20 years old. We were both the same and got along just as though we had never been apart. Since that time, we have been greatest of friends and each others number one fan and supporters. We both share the same zodiac sign (Leo) and have many things in common. We just get along so well. I have had some deep friendships in  my life, but this one has them all beat. I feel like just having this one best friend, is loaded enough to take the place of 10 friendships. After some friendships that I thought would last but ended at some point, I feel lucky to have a best friend that I can fully trust, that supports me, loves me, has my best interest at heart and that I have the best time with. 




  1. What a great post!!! Couldn’t have said it better myself =) Friends are hard to come by but BEST FRIENDS are a diamond in the rough. LEO=LOYALTY, lots of love!!

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