My uncle’s birthday was this week, and I decided to do something different. What are the usual gifts a man gets… a shirt, sweater, a wallet maybe cologne etc. I figured he would be getting those things from everyone else, so I’ll do something made at home, from the heart and that I think a single man will appreciate. I made a gift box full of goodies… mostly all homemade items. It was easy, fun and the best part is that he loved it!


Most of the items in here are things I make on a regular basis… Here is how:

1) Peppermint Toothpaste:

– All  you need is 2/3 cup BAKING SODA, 1 or 2tsp PEPPERMINT EXTRACT/OIL, WATER (preferably filtered), and optional salt. Just add all the ingredients together and mix, add water at the end until you get the consistency you like! I am working on an alternative for a toothpaste tube… will update soon.

2) Almond Facial Scrub:

– The best thing about  making Almond milk at home is that you get leftover almond pulp. There is so much you can do with almond pulp (which I will touch on in another post) but here we’ll just go over the face scrub. It is again, super easy to make at home.

– Once your leftover Almond Pulp has dried (you can either leave it over night to dry or put it in the oven on the lowest temp) you just add the pulp to your food processor or blender, and add ingredients that are good for your skin (I added coconut oil and chia seeds). There are many other options too like Avocado oil, mint etc.

-There is really no correct amount or recipe to making the scrub, you just add all the ingredients to your food processor or blender until you get the consistency you want. Add water later to make the scrub softer and easier to use.


The Jam and Hummus will be uploaded in the next posts.


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