The Welcome

Hi everyone! My goal here is to share information, ideas and ways to get creative at home. I am almost 100% free of commercial buying and relying on the pre-packaged mass produced items for all my family’s needs. If it’s at the store, or being sold on TV ads etc. you can pretty much bet that there’s a safer, more natural and cheaper way to make it at home. That doesn’t mean it has to be very time consuming or difficult… for the most part it’s actually fun to D-I-Y!  To me, “RedWhiteandSparkling” is an American woman, that’s not exactly Americanized, she is moving forward like many other woman these days to better the life of her family and not rely on pre-packaged, processed, and mass-produced items.  She’s always looking for new ways to improve on the daily home life for everyone in the family whether it’s food, pets, gardening and most importantly herself… because the truth really is – Happy Wife, Happy Life!



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